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Hey guys,  it’s been a minute and I know you have missed me. 

What I mean to say is, it’s been a while and I should apologize for my inconsistency over the last couple of months.

I am truly sorry from the depths of my heart. Please accept my apology. 

So, before I go in on the main sturv for today, I want to fill you in on what’s been up with me (not that you asked or anything). Well, for one, I went on a mini all girls trip with two of my favorite girls (Meya and Kp) and it was the best moment. I had a boat ride for the first time in my life and I thought of all the Mami water story I have ever heard in this life and it was super creepy.

Then, I got me a prescribed eyeglasses to correct my eyesight which I have been stalling for years now (Yes, you can call me four eyes now). Plus, I hope all the people that thought I saw them from afar and snubbed them see this post and hide their faces in shame!!!

Moving forward to today’s gist which I don’t actually have a title for but centers on Being Kind. 

You probably most likely know, Chadwick Boseman passed away from cancer and a couple of months back when he went live on IG, people talked in the most mean way. Nasty comments about his drastic weight loss which is not a nice thing to do we’re made. 

Before we throw stones at people who made those nasty comments, and chant ‘SHAME!’ in unison as they walk the streets of Social Media in atonement for their sins, we should examine our own lives first. I mean, there definitely have been times when we judged people rashly and didn’t care to know what they were going through at the time. In the words of present day Nigerian twitter users, “we just open our mouth waaaa” or better put, “we just start dey yarn dust” about situations and people we know nothing about. 

I for one have been in a weird mental space lately. Truthfully speaking, that was one of the reasons I went on the mini vacation; to get my head off stuff and free my mind. But in the cause of this situationship I had a very weird experience where someone was talking about how disconnected I had become overtime and stuff. This wouldn’t have hurt the way it did if this person had reached out to me directly not talking to people about it.

I can’t say that I’m totally over it, ( I tend to hold on to things too strongly; but in due time sha, e go fade) but I can say that moving forward, this has taught me to be more aware that we are all soldiers in the battlefield of life and it wouldn’t hurt to be kinder to a soldier who might or might not have a battle wound he or she is trying to nurse to health. 

Thank you for reading through, I totally appreciate you. Till my next post, please be kind or suffer for  600 years! 


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