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First of all,  I think I should apologize for not putting up content last week. I AM SORRY I DID NOT PUT UP CONTENT LAST WEEK. I was not the right frame of mind, coupled with the crazy happenings around the world (for those thinking huh? What does she mean, I mean the Uwa, Tina and George Floyd cases). 

Maybe on a good day, I would talk about going offline as a tool for protecting your peace and sanity but today I want to talk about tribalism in Nigeria.

When I saw the news of George Floyd, I kept on wondering on what  we black people ever did to be hated as much. It seems like our mere existence is causing so much hate. But oh well, I guess we’ll never know. 

After I came back from my  “break from social media” (it was just for a day or two sha before you think I climbed a mountain) I went online and saw that some very good meaning Nigerians in Nigeria protesting against the killing of George Floyd, a citizen of the United States of America who was killed in his home country by the police.

RACISM SHOULD HAVE NO PLACE IN OUR WORLD TODAY! Correct! But you know what else shouldn’t have a place in our world especially in our country? TRIBALISM!

The above statement is not in a bid to down play the gravity of racism but to open our eyes to another branch of discrimination that we may turn a blind eye to.

I have never had an incidence of racism and I guess we all know why, it’s because I haven’t been outside the country (just incase God is laying it in your heart to sponsor a sister to Norway after COVID 19 is dealt with, do well to send me a DM on the gram). But I’ll tell you what I have experienced; tribalism.

Tribalism 1: A way of thinking or behaving in which people are loyal to their social group above all else.

Tribalism 2: A type of discrimination or animosity based upon group differences. 

We will be dwelling on the second definition of tribalism.

We all with the exception of a few, grew up with prejudice against different tribes in Nigeria. I’ll help you with some from the three major tribes

  1. Hausa – Uneducated, Cow-more-than-human-loving, Suicide Bombers, Religious Fanatics.
  2. Igbo – Over ambitious, Proud, Unhealthy-love- for-money-that- most-times-leads-to-fraud, and love for the most vain things.
  3. Yoruba – Dirty, Cowards, Double faced, Love-too-much-pepper, Unfaithful husbands.

No matter how much we try to wish it away or turn a blind eye to it, this is one of the reasons why Nigeria hasn’t developed like she should have. The idea that a particular people group is better or less than others is stunting our development amongst other things (ever heard of the untied the stand and divided we fall statement?)

“We nor suppose dey together! If nor be  colonialism wey bring us together!”

 Well, we’re together now, there’s no turning back. I mean look what happened to the Igbos when they tried to look back. What I’m saying in essence is, since  we are already together, we might just as well learn to love and respect one another.

Luckily for me, I was born in an intertribal home and raised in the most diverse estate. We had neighbors and went to school with people from every part of Nigeria. From all these years of growing up and interacting with such a mixed crowd, I can tell you that we’re all not that different. I mean, everyone drinks water! That’s enough evidence!

If you ever look at someone from another tribe differently (this apples to shoe makers to) and treat them in a derogatory or spiteful manner,  you are not different from people who are racists. Take it or leave it Karen, it’s the same crime, different skin color.

If you think, “well I don’t fit into this description of a tribalist” even though I know fully well that you are, look at this tweet below (before you look, you do know that I am just making an unhealthy generalization and that you are not a tribalist, right?)

Remember what the Bible said about those who think they stand taking heed? Well you can apply it to yourself if the tweet above made you feel uncomfortable. 

Please drop your thoughts on the subject in the comment section below. You know how much I loveee to read your comments. 

Till I come your way next week, I remain your one and only! 

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  1. Interesting post as always.
    We all breath in Oxygen. Another evidence that we’re all not that different…lol

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