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Thank you for tuning in to this week’s episode of your favorite blog, The…. (drumrolls)….. Triciachileke’s blog! Today, I have a medical student (who so happened to be in China during the outbreak of the COVID 19) here to share her experience in China as well as the things  she practiced that kept her safe all through her stay there and her journey back home.

My name is Eze Ngozi Victoria. I was born and raised in Warri, Delta state but I am originally from Enugu state. I am a medical student of  Jiangxi university of TCM, Nanchang, China.  I am in my 5th year in school and I have been in China for about 4 years. Yes, I was in China during the outbreak of the COVID 19 but thankfully I am home now.

My routine before the outbreak was going for classes in the morning (on days I have lectures in the morning) and getting home by 4pm or 6pm, depending on my time table.Then I try to do some school work before the next day. I go out for groceries shopping mainly on weekends because that’s when I am usually free and sometimes chill and have fun with my friends.

Basically, what I’m saying is that before the outbreak, I had the freedom to go out at any time and do whatever I wanted, but as soon as the pandemic started it restricted my movements to a very large extent.

The Virus started in Wuhan city of China in December 2019 but it was not fully discovered until around January. 

In my city, Nanchang, the first case was recorded in the third week of January and luckily, I had just finished writing my exams and had already started making plans to travel with some of my friends. I felt really sad because the whole situation changed my plans and I had to stay indoors just to be safe.

Immediately, my university locked down everywhere and we were prevented from going out. This was to make sure no one got infected. Whenever we needed anything, we were asked to make a list and it was sent to the school authorities. They made sure everything on the list was delivered to us. (They were like a Genie granting us our every wish, except of course this was not a 3 wish thing and they were not trapped in a bottle).

We were not allowed to go out for any reason, but as time went on and the cases reduced, the restrictions were eased. Each of us were given thermometers to check our temperature daily so as to take note of any sudden rise in temperature and report immediately to the school. Face masks were also provided for us by the school’s authority (I must really commend them for their efforts).

Being indoors for such a long time was really uncomfortable given the fact that humans are social beings and as such being confined to a space for a long time could literally drive us nuts.

So during the lockdown period, I would visit play games,watch movies with my friends around and just gist all day ,just to get rid of the boredom. It was not easy but all these measures had to be observed to prevent getting infected.

The measures I took in order to keep safe was:

  1. I always washed my hands often with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds.
  2. I always had my alcohol based sanitizer with me so I use that
  3. I always wore my face masks whenever I went out to see my friends
  4. Sometimes I wore hand gloves because I did not want to touch any infected surfaces. ( When hand gloves at the pharmacy were out of stock, I would go out with tissue paper which i use to press the buttons in the elevator,place on door handles to open them and I dispose of the tissue paper immediately).

I would advice that you should:

  • Try to avoid any gathering of more than 20 people. I know it might seem difficult because we love to hang out and party with friends and family  members (Of course! We are happy Nigerian people and we love owambes) but we have to observe these cautionary tips so as to stay safe, this shall pass soon.
  •  Also, stay away from someone who is sick or has flu like symptoms at least six feet.
  •  Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Always wear your nose masks and sanitize your hands regularly after washing them.

I hope these tips have been helpful.


Thank you so much for reading all through and I hope you put in practice what you have learnt here. Please do leave your comments as usual and share on all social media platforms. You can follow Victoria on instagram @_vikkiee

See you next Tuesday! XoXO

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us Vicky. Do u mind if I call u that? I usually call all the Victorias I’ve even met Vicky, so, lol.
    I heard on the news that the virus never got the China’s big cities of Beijing and Shanghai, how true is that?

    1. Hi..Vicky is fine….Ohh yes the virus was also recorded in the big cities in China but the number of cases were not as high as the number of cases in Wuhan city.Beijing was one of the first cities to record a case of corona virus.

  2. Nice write up. I’d also advice taking hot tea. What do I mean by hot tea? Hot ginger tea to be precise. It’s easily made. Ginger, lemon and hot water in a flask or you cam make it in a cup to drink. A pinky sized turmeric could also be added. Its really healthy and I usually take it every morning and night since the pandemic started.

  3. Oh,to God be all the glory that you are back & alive to share your experience with you us on this blog.
    Silence has no voice. I really do appreciate that you did this. You are wished God’s speed & grace always.

  4. How exactly did this virus came about and how did China became the first country to notice this corona virus

    1. There are speculations as to how the virus came about, but none of them has been confirmed yet. Why it was first recorded in China is still not known. I guess we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed on that matter.

  5. It was enlightening, I know it’s not easy especially for medical students considering that most of your plans are changed but you all can pull through.
    Thanks tricia this was great and lovely

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