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It is Paulo Coelho’s Birthday today and I’m super excited because I get to review his book ‘Brida’ today and yes, this is my first Book Review!  So, I got introduced to Paulo’s works late last year and the very first I read was ‘The Alchemist’, I was completely blown away by it and I’ve been an unashamed fan girl since then. I read today’s book as an e-book (before you think I’m on e-book side of the war,  I actually prefer prints but thing is, finding a bookshop with certain books in Warri is not so easy plus I’m not the waka about kind of person) and I finished it in a day self!

Paulo as a Baby


Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian and he was born on August 24th, 1947 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. He worked as theater director and actor, lyricist and journalist before he faced literature full time. In 1988, Paulo published The Alchemist, although the sales initially was slow at first and his first publisher was convinced to drop the novel, but it went on to become one of the bestselling Brazilian books of all time, thanks to his second publisher. Paulo Coelho believes firmly in the Internet as a new media and he is the first bestselling author to actively support free online distribution of his work. Paulo has been married to Christina Oiticica since 1980 and he loves to tweet! (Yes, I’ve been stalking him for a while thank you!)

The English Translation of the Book


The book ‘Brida’ dares to explore Occult and Soulmate theory! Brida, the main character is a twenty-one year old; who is in a search of someone to teach her magic because she is of the opinion that studying it would lead her to self discovery. In her search, she meets people of great wisdom, who teach her about the spiritual world. Firstly, she finds a wise man, the Magus, who lives alone in a forest and he teaches her about overcoming her fears and trusting in the goodness of the world and he recognizes Brida as his Soulmate! (Come and see story!) Despite conflicting emotions, Magus agrees to teach Brida about the craft, but only if she passes a test. Which she does, (the girl is a wise child, me self I was impressed) but it turns out Brida’s not a student of his school of thought which is the ‘Tradition of the Sun’.

Brida finds another teacher, Wicca with the help of a shopkeeper who sells books about magic, and Wicca accepts Brida as her student. She teaches her how to dance to the music of the world, and how to pray to the moon in the order of the ‘Tradition of the Moon’, and so Brida begins her journey towards becoming a real life witch.( not the type that sucks blood or presses people at night oh, oyibo witch) Wicca’s decision to accept Brida as her student was because she wants to find out why her friend, ex-lover and a fellow teacher, Magus is showing so much interest in Brida (Apparently the guy is a sort of guru who doesn’t mingle much with people). Wicca finds out why on the day of Brida’s initiation; also Magus needs Brida around to help him do atonement for a mistake he committed a long time ago. When due to jealousy in love, he used magic to interfere with someone’s free will.

Also, the main theme is about finding one’s Soulmate in this life and feeling complete. But you can’t unless you can see the point of light on the left shoulder of your Soulmate and you might end up meeting more than one Soulmate in life. (It was a bit confusing but you’d understand it better as you read)

The main character – Brida –was portrayed beautifully. Her internal conflicts, external temptations, fears, and joy are so beautifully penned out and that makes her so relatable to the reader. The two main male leads have been carefully outlined as well and I must warn you, you may be filled with bias as to whom to like more. Also, there is a conflict that is integral to this story, one that Brida faced which all of us can relate to, to be with someone whom we have known since long, or to be with someone whom we have known for a lesser time but who touches our heart more, or to just leave everything and submit ourselves to a lone path with no partner.

The book is a mix of sugar, spice and everything nice, more like witchcraft, religion, spirituality, magic, search for self, incarnation, Soulmate etc. This book offers presents itself differently for everyone – a story for the readers, inspiration for the believers and introspection for the thinkers.

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